Steven Elliott Hendrix   John Lee Hunter

Steven Elliott Hendrix has been a photographer for almost 40 years, beginning as staff photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook at Nimitz High School in 1972. After high school, Mr. Hendrix went on to obtain a Communications/Radio/TV/Film degree from University of North Texas (North Texas State University). Worked as a freelancer (Cameraman, Producer, and Director) for Procter & Gamble, Southwest Airlines, and IBM. Following, Mr. Hendrix worked for 10 years as video tape editor for Kaleidoscope Video Productions.

In 1994, Mr. Hendrix launched Christopher Elliott Productions as a cooperative freelance group continuing in photo/film/video production, graphic art and design work with many talented photographers, artists, and designers.

Beginning in 1999, USAGlamourGirls.Com was created, an online magazine showcasing hundreds of beautiful women from around the country competing for the top spot of "Miss Glamour Girl" each year. The project was abandoned in 2005 after the passing of one of the core partners.

In 2007 Mr. Hendrix suffered a major seizure from a brain tumor, but after two surgeries has recovered completely with the exception of the slow recovery of speech.

Mr. Hendrix is now partnered with John Hunter in HendrixHunter.Com.


John Lee Hunter is a graphic design and fine artist. He was an avid photographer back in the dark ages of film. With the innovation of digital photography, he took up recreational shooting and has been re-crafting his skills in the new medium. Long time friend and shooting partner Steve Hendrix is his mentor and tutor. Mr. Hunter is an accomplished photographer, but defers to Mr. Hendrix' vast experience often refering to himself as the, "second shooter on the grassy noll." Mr. Hunter's over 30 years experience in design, instinctive knowledge of the use of positive and negative space coupled with his extensive knowledge of digital editing make for some very compelling photographic images.

Mr. Hunter is experienced shooting and editing video for television broadcast. Also a competent voice actor, his voice may be heard on many TV commercials, station ID's and radio spots locally and nationally.

Mr. Hunter is now partnered with Steve Hendrix in HendrixHunter.Com.

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